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Qiana Coachman-Strickland also known as “DJ Q-Boogie”

There are trends and then there are classics; DJ Q-Boogie is the latter. A dynamic entertainer,

she has a gift, equal parts performance art, intuition, creativity and raw talent. Audiences delight

in dancing to her Sets, fusions of Hip Hop, R&B, Funk, House, Top 40, and Reggae. Her passion for

music, curating an experience, and creating a vibe have solidified her as one of the most sought

after in the industry. 

The Intro 

From corporate to creative circles, Qiana Coachman-Strickland has established herself as an enterprising business woman and entrepreneur over the past decade. Conquering board rooms and sound boards alike, Qiana has constructed her authentic life path to personal success and is now harnessing her positive force to help others become leaders of their own artistic ambitions.  


The Break

From a young age, Qiana’s affinity for music fueled her creativity as she was often found rummaging through the records of Evelyn Champagne King, Luther Vandross, and Michael Jackson in her parent’s basement. However as a native of the nation’s insurance capital, Qiana eventually pursued a traditional and prosperous career path at an esteemed insurance company. Yet despite the allure of the competitive business world and comfortable benefits, her inner creative voice craved an outlet. Ultimately, she began organizing and producing original passion projects such as The Ultimate DJ Showcase and Behind the Turntables, (an industry revered showcase and networking event) and The Art of DJ’ing, a youth enrichment program that introduced inner city students to the basics of DJ’ing and encouraged a passion for the arts. 


The Transition

The momentum and relationships generated from her creative side hustles inevitably propelled her into her first entrepreneurial venture  - Q the Beats Enterprise, LLC. - a music and entertainment company where Qiana took centerstage as a supreme DJ otherwise known as DJ-Q Boogie. Once all in, her business accelerated dramatically and began to garner the attention of clients like the University of Connecticut, Girls for Technology, and The National African American Insurance Association as well as celebrities and legendary Hip-Hop artists. Recognition was not far behind. In 2020 alone, Qiana was, honored as one of the top 100 Women of Color in Connecticut, and featured in The Hartford Courant and Innovation Destination Hartford for her work as a DJ and entrepreneur. She was also named the Best DJ by Hartford Magazine for both 2020 and 2021.  Qiana has also obtained the distinguished title of Sound Artist when she brilliantly scored the soundscape of the 2021 Harriet Beecher Stowe Prize Winner, Eddie S. Glaude’s “Begin Again: James Baldwin’s America and Its Urgent Lessons for Our Own”. In this commissioned role, she brought to life the author’s work and the experiences of James Baldwin and Harriet Beecher Stowe through a compelling soundscape and musical journey that encompassed the music of artists and activists such as Nina Simone, James Brown, and Gil Scott Heron. 


The Ultimate Blend

As Qiana continues to evolve her creative brand and hone her focus, her goal is not only to inspire others to pursue their dreams by living her own, but also to leverage her lessons and experience to guide others on how they can turn their “crazy” ideas into their wildest reality. Find her on social media (Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin) and follow along as she empowers everyone to do what they love, achieve their own version of success, and never settle for the safe route.

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