Qiana Coachman-Strickland also known as “DJ Q-Boogie”

is widely recognized as being one who gives off positive vibes on

and off of the dance floor.  Music has always been a huge part of her

life. With a family background of music lovers, it came as no surprise when 

Qiana’s innate musical talent and connection to sounds and beats was

showcased very early on. Her musical ear enabled her to quickly and easily learn

to play musical instruments like the violin and clarinet. Since the age of 7, Qiana

could always be found near the record player—listening, spinning and dancing

to the sounds of legendary greats like Prince, Michael Jackson, Luther Vandross

and Evelyn Champagne King. In her parent’s basement, she immersed herself in the sounds of

music and the joy it brought to her life.

In 2009, Qiana started her musical career by creating and organizing, The Ultimate DJ Showcase, an event that would bring DJ’s together to network and showcase their skills. In promoting and hosting these events, she was able to interact with hundreds of DJ’s, and build business relationships. She later began booking DJ gigs for many of the participants.


Although Qiana enjoyed hosting The Ultimate DJ Showcase and booking DJ’s,

the little girl from her parent’s basement resurfaced, and “DJ Q-Boogie” was born. The passion for being behind the turntable manifested and Q-Boogie began DJing various woman’s empowerment events, weddings, birthday parties, poetry slams, galas, and corporate events to name a few. Speaking of being behind the turntables, DJ Q-Boogie has created another outlet for DJ's to tell their stories and share their creativity.  "Behind the Turntables" will be airing  on WinTV in January of 2020 and will also be a Podcast. 

To add to her list of accomplishments, DJ Q-Boogie also created a Youth Enrichment Program,  that was held in one of Hartford’s middle schools, that taught children the basics of DJing, entrepreneurship and life skills. She has also tapped into a different area of musical creativity by coordinating music for several local area plays.  In June of 2019 Qiana was named the 1st Runner Up in the DJ Category for the Best Of Hartford Magazine and in April 2020 Qiana will be recognized  as being a 100 Women of Color Honoree.  Her contributions to the community as being a positive influence, entrepreneur, and fabulous DJ has not gone unnoticed.  


While she is DJing, Q-Boogie’s ultimate goal is to share her love and  passion for all genres of music with everyone who she comes in contact with.  Scientifically, music causes the brain to release dopamine, a “feel-good” chemical. Qiana has found that her purpose in life is to make people “feel good”, which mixes perfectly with her positive vibes and  mixing skills. Her mission is to make sure that all of her customers love the music she spins just as much as she does.


Connecticut, USA

    ©2019 by DJ Q-BOOGIE